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Thurston County Department List

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2004 Board of Equalization Petition


2006 Budget Information


4-H Youth Development


911, CAPCOM, Communications


A+ Parcel Lookup Application


Abandoned Vehicles


ABCD Dentistry


About Thurston County


Accountability and Restitution Center


Adult Immunization


Alcohol, Drug Abuse Innformation and Resources


Animal Control Ordinance of July 28, 2003


Area Agency on Aging


Assessment Appeal - Property - Board of Equalization


Assessor's Office


Assigned Counsel




Auditor's Office - Elections, Licensing, Recording


Avian Flu


Basin Planning


Basin Planning


Basin Planning


Bids and Projects


Bird Flu




Birth Certificate & Death Certificate (Vital Records)


Birth Certificates - Application for Copies


Board of County Commissioners


Board of County Commissioners - Weekly Agenda


Board of County Commissioners - Weekly Meeting Minutes


Board of Equalization


Board of Health


Boards and Commissions


Boating Ordinance/Regulations


Budget - Information about the Thurston County Budget


Building Department


Building Permits


Burn Ban Information


CAO - Chief Administrative Officer


Capital Facilities Plan


Central Services


Chemical Dependency


Child Custody - Information and Forms


Children Immunization


Citizen Priorities for Thurston County Government


Citizens' Budget Guide


Civil Service


Clean Indoor Air Act


Clerk's Office


Cluster Development


Commuity School Sealant Program


Communicable Disease Control & Prevention


Communications, CAPCOM


Community Rating System - Thurston County Flood Hazard Management Plan


Comprehensive Plan




Corrections Facility


County Business Hours


County Codes / Ordinances


County Employment Opportunities


Critical Areas Update


Death Certificate & Birth Certificate (Vital Records)


Death Certificates - Application for Copies


Development and Business Opportunities in Grand Mound


Development Services


Diabetes (Type 2)


District Count Calendar


District Court


District Court E-Mitigation Hearings


District Map of Thurston County


Divorce Information and Forms


Dog Control Zones


Doing Business with Thurston County


Drug Court


Drug Court


Drug Court Foundation, Thurston County Community


Drug Court Foundation, Thurston County Community


Drug Unit - Thurston County Narcotics Task Force


Elected Officials - Information


Elections Information


Elections, Licensing, and Financial Information - Auditor's Office


Emergency Information - Thurston County Emergency Management


Emergency Management


Employee Benefit Information


Employment - Thurston County


Employment Application Guidelines


Environmental Education Guide


Environmental Health


Fair - Thurston County


Family Planning & Reproductive Health


Farming and Agriculture


Fire Marshal


Flood Insurance - National Flood Insurance Program




Flu Clinic


Food Handlers Manual / Permit / Class Times


Food Safety and Nutrition


Free Publications


Frequently Asked Questions


Garbage - self-haul to Rochester, Rainier or Summit Lake


Garbage - self-haul to Waste and Recovery Center


Garbage and Recycling


Garbage Service - Curbside


GeoData Center


Government Priorities


Growth Management Act Compliance


Hazardous Waste


HazoHouse at the Waste and Recovery Center


Healthy STEPS in Thurston County/Steps To A HealthierUS


Hearing Examiner


Historic Photos of Thurston County


Historic Preservation


HIV Testing & Counseling


Holiday Closure Dates


Home Investment - Citizen Participation for the Thurston County Consolidated Plan


Home Visitation Plan


Homeowner's Guide to Property Taxes


Household Hazardous Materials/HazoHouse


Hulks - Junk Vehicles


Human Resources




In-Custody Inmate Information


Indoor Air & Smoking




Influenza H5N1 - Information for Health Care Providers


Initiative 901 - Smoking and Clean Indoor Air Information


Integrated Pest Management


IPM - Integrated Pest and Vegetation Management




Jail Roster Information


Jail Visitation Information


Job Listings


Junk / Hulk Vehicles


Jury Duty Information


Juvenile Court


Lake Information


Lake Information


Lake Levels


Land Use Ordinances


Low Impact Development


Low Impact Development


Map of Thurston County


Master Gardener


Maternal Child Health (MCH) Program


Medic One


Medical Reserve Corps.


Mental Health Court


Mental Health Court


Methamphetamine Information


Mineral Lands Task Force


Monitoring Data


Monitoring Data


Monitoring Data




Native Plant Salvage, Water Resources


No Shooting Zones




Noxious Weed Control Agency


Nurse Family Partnership (NFP)


Office of Assigned Counsel


Open Space Tax Program


Oral Health


Pacific Mountain Workforce Consortium


Pandemic Flu


Parks - Thurston County - Frye Cove - 2 Reservable Shelters - Saltwater Beach on Eld Inlet


Parks - Thurston County - Kenneydell Park - Lodge & 3 Reservable Shelters - Beach on Black Lake


Parks Trails


Parks and Recreation


Parks Ball Fields


Parks Classes & Activities -Children & Adults


Parks Construction Projects Update


Parks Department Classes & Activities, Updated Quarterly


Parks Reservable Facilities


Passports - How to Apply and Forms


Permit Assistance Center


Personal Health


Planning Commission


Plot Maps


Pollution Prevention


Professional Services Opportunities


Property Values and Parcel Information - Assessor's Office


Property Taxes - Treasurer's Office


Prosecuting Attorney


Public Health and Social Services Department


Public Works Projects


Recycling - Blue Bin Locations


Recycling - Curbside Service


Recycling - Where Should I Recycle My?


Rental Halls and Facilities


Reproductive Health & Family Planning


Resolutions and Ordinances


Resource Protection


RFP / RFQ / RFS Opportunities - Thurston County


Road Projects


Roads and Transportation Services


Seasonal Influenza (Flu)


Sesquicentennial Information


Sex Offenders


Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Information


Shellfish Protection


Shellfish Protection


Shellfish Protection


Sheriff's Office


Sheriff's Office Jobs


Smallpox Information


Smoking & Clean Indoor Air


Smoking Indoor Law and Information - Initiative 901


Speed Limits and Related Information


Steps to a Healthier Workforce


Storm and Surface Water Utility/Stream Team






Stormwater Billing Fees and Detailed Information about Fee Determination


Stormwater Ponds


Stream Team


Superior Court


Superior Court Calendars


Surface Water Quality Data


Surplus Personal Property


Surplus Real Property for Sale


Survey Information - Plats and Records of




Swimming in Thurston County, Swimming Beaches


Tacoma Smelter Plume


Thurston County Capital Facilities Plan 2006 - 2011


Thurston County History in Pictures


Thurston County Narcotics Task Force


Thurston Regional Planning Council - demographic information and data, etc.


Tourist Information


Treasurer's Office


United Family Court


Vaccine(s) Information




Vendor List - Current List and Application Information


Veterans' Advisory Board, Veterans' Assistance Fund


Veterans' Advisory Board, Veterans' Assistance Fund


Vital Records


Volunteer Opportunities with Thurston County Parks and Recreation


Volunteer Opportunity - Become a Member of a Thurston County Advisory Board


Volunteering - Become a Stream Team Volunteer


Volunteering - Become a Master Recycler


Volunteering at the Thurston County Fair


Voter Information


Walkable Places


Waste and Recovery Center (formerly Hawks Prairie Landfill)


Water and Sewer Services in Tamoshan/Beverly Beach, Grand Mound, Boston Harbor, Olympic View


Water and Waste Management


Weddings - Rental Halls


West Nile Virus Information




Winner's Circle


WSU Thurston County Extension


Yard Debris Site at Waste and Recovery Center


Yard Waste Service -- Curbside

Service of Process on the Inmate / Prisoners in Washington State Correctional Facilities: If you need service of process on a person who is currently incarcerated in a Washington State Corrections Facility then give us a call.  Most people don't know the ins-and-outs of performing service on inmates - we do - in fact it's one of our specialties.  We've done it.

Service of Process on the Washington Secretary of State: If you need service of process on an out-of-state motorist for an accident in Washington State then give us a call.  In many cases, rather than chase an uninsured or underinsured driver across the country, you can simply have us serve the documents on the Secretary of State.  Most people don't know that by driving on our State's roads, you agree to our laws, and in doing so, to service of process for motor vehicle accidents by service upon the Secretary of State.  We've done it.

Service of Process on the Washington Attorney General: If you need service of process on the State of Washington (such as when you are suing the State) then give us a call.  We can perfect service on any of the state agencies (in many cases you must serve the agency you are suing and the Attorney General).  We've done it.

*Please feel free to contact us by phone or email for any questions that you might have.  If you get our voicemail, don't worry, we check voicemail and email regularly and often.

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